Types Of Custom CamelBaks Available In The Market

Custom water bottles are a craze nowadays because you can design it in any way you want such as placing a picture of you, your family, a logo you thought of, your company, or even your favorite cartoon or game character. These bottles can also be designed in any shape or size you want so then you can have a better means to carry or hold it wherever you may go.

But there are times where customization might leave you confused due to the unlimited number of ideas you can think about when requesting for the right design or structure of the bottle. To get you started, take note of the following types of custom CamelBaksthat you can order online:

Eddy Bottles

Eddy bottles are oftentimes known as the most durable type of bottle to bring at work or when exercising. These are shatterproof bottles that are made of stainless and durable materials. These are also odor resistant so then you can store it for a long time (but make sure you regularly clean it to prevent bacteria). These also have screw-on lids with a bite value that’s designed to prevent any spillage.

Chute Mag

This type of bottle is for both the sporty and hardworking ones. The chute mag has a wide mouth so then it can be easy to refill when in a hurry, and for you to easily drink on it even as you go jogging. The magnetic carry handle of the bottle also makes it excellent to be held by your bike’s bottle rack, plus it has an angled spout to give you the adequate amount of water while exercising. Want to know more about camelbak water bottles? Find more information on this website.

Podium Bottles
The podium bottle is made for sports purposes only. It’s designed specifically for performance as seen with its structure, which fits well in most bike water bottle racks. It also has a handle that makes it easy to hold and stick on your fingers as you drink from it while running. You can also drink from its straw-like section so then no spillage will occur while exercising, and it’s very easy to squeeze without breaking it so then you can get the most water when feeling dehydrated after a good set during workouts.

The following are just some of the types that you can consider when thinking about a customized design that suits your needs. Simply contact CamelBak once you have an idea already, and let them personalize your preferred bottle right away.