· Beggars in Paradise
Wallow through the excess, and love every minute of it.
· La Carrote Joyeuse
Flap your arms around and honk like a constipated goose. Mais faut pas gener.
· Revenge of the Stumpy Munchkins
Paddling at high speed and in the wrong direction brings a standing ovation.
· On not being Interesting
The only body without a tattoo on the West Coast refuses to compromise its artisitic integrity.
· This Generous Moment
How to cope when someone snores like a rutting wildebeest.
· The Jagged Heights
It was after we developed chair ballet that I found myself hanging from a ceiling rafter.
· The Silence and the Song
Talking to other people became unendurable, a bodily pain.
· The Long Mists
Noone had warned me about the carpet of naked flesh that lay before me.