About this Site

What is Heldencrow?

Welcome to my web-site. Everyone should have one.

It all started as an on-line journal recording a journey I took around the world a while ago. Essentially the idea was to save on the cost of postage of all those picture postcards of muddy ravines and doe-eyed children, that I would otherwise have had to send to my family and friends.

The website became more popular than I could have imagined, and now I receive emails from complete strangers complimenting some things that I have written. That is very nice, so please continue! Sometimes people agree with my description, sometimes not, but that's fine. I like a debate. As long as I win. Crushingly.

So I'll keep writing, and archive my articles here, for you to throw things at.

About Hat and the Spoon

This is a new cartoon series that will evolve over time. I produce three cartoon strips a week, which is all I can manage part-time (I have to do some honest work too). The art-work and scripts are still crude, I know, but I hope that, with practice, they'll improve over time. Any useful suggestions are always helpful.

About Me

I am Irish but live for the moment in London. My main interests of course are travel and writing, but as I must also eat, I work, sometimes in software development (C++) and sometimes as a lawyer. That sounds bizarre, but it's true. Another long story. I'm planning on doing freelance writing too, just for laughs. Or money, whichever. I always like to receive messages, and usually reply.



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